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Preparing for LAST Conference Canberra

It has been a while since our last blog post. After working with the local Canberra Agile community through the meetup and helping run that, we saw the benefit in given back to the community. At which point we were given the opportunity to be involved in the LAST Conference.

Several months ago one of our colleagues, John C, another Agile Coach asked myself to help with organising this year's LAST Conference in Canberra (in a couple of days at the time of writing). Though very busy at the time, I thought it would be a great idea to be involved, having also attended the conference the previous year and thoroughly enjoying it. 

From there SKNG got together to discuss our options about supporting the event in a more formal way. Where we decided this was a great chance to support the conference as a backer and myself to do a talk on behalf of the SKNG crew.

This is when rubber hit the road and we got busy working on prepping for our first real event which included marketing items, updating our website and of course writing the talk!

For the marketing, we went with simple items that also looked slick and professional. We had the condition to do a full booth but didn't want to man it the entire conference. What we decided on was banners and water bottles. This meant we had to design and get them developed within a short time frame. Thanks to and we managed to deliver and are quite pleased with the results.

Another task we wanted to undertake was an update to our website. The outcome, to make sure it still looked clean, was up-to-date and had more information about us and what we do. Our reasoning, hopefully after the conference we have a lot more eyeballs looking at it. We have redone our 'About Us' section to include information about our vision and the four founders. Then tweaking our 'Services' page to have more detail and our mission statement. Finally there are several new pages in the works about what our offerings are under our services section. The first one being 'Agile'. 'DevOps' and 'Integration and APIs' are also in the works.

The last and most important task is we had to write a talk. Since we specialise in DevOps, why don't we base our topic around that. What we settled on was 'Agile and DevOps - Working with technology'. The whole idea for the topic was to explain what DevOps is, the core enablers the technologies give to teams, some dos and don'ts and why this is important undertaken for organisations. But to found out more about that, come to LAST or check out our next blog about our experience at the conference.

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