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Inspire Enable Transform

The world around us is changing rapidly through the continual advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. Consumers now demand highly user centric, intelligent ICT services as technology becomes increasingly integrated with daily life.

The last two decades have seen the world experience a number of key paradigm shifts over, such as the Internet boom of the mid 1990’s, the Dot Com and Web 2.0 eras of the early to mid 2000’s, into the modern world of Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics, and now the world is about to experience what has been predicted to be a Cambrian explosion of devices and associated data and services as a direct result of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The rate of change in ICT and demand for services delivered through new modern interfaces by organisations has presented a real and immediate need to address the challenge of how to implement and deliver appropriate solutions to meet these changes. This is not limited to technology, it is as much about technology as it is about the need to address how these changes effect people, process, information and data.

The combined disruptive trends of Cloud, Big Data and the IoT are each disrupting traditional business models in ways never seen before, and when combined, they are impacting organisations at such a rapid pace unprecedented in both business and technology realms, that organisations are having to completely reimagine and rethink how they go about delivering systems, software, services, information and data management across every single part of their operation.

More often than not, on a global scale, 24x7x365 is the new normal. There is no “down time” any more, and concepts such as the age old “Maintenance Windows” are a thing of the past. Software driven “upgrade or patching outages” are no longer an acceptable model, or tolerated by users either in-house or externally.

SKNG Services aims to Inspire, Enable and Transform ICT delivery for the Australian ICT Marketplace by utilising Agile, DevOps and the latest industry offerings in Cloud and Continuous Development technologies. With over 40 combined years in Australian Federal Government ICT, SKNG is experienced across all disciplines of ICT delivery. To be successful we know that focusing on delivering outcomes, not outputs is the key to satisfying today's customers.

"Our vision is to bring industry best practice to ICT delivery in the Australian technology sector, inspiring it to deliver digitally enabled services on a world class level. Be at the forefront of technology and IT delivery trends to determine how to leverage these trends to best serve the Australian Public. Transform the technology industry into an exciting place to work and be supportive of an innovative technology culture as visionary tech leaders." - SKNG


Our Founders


David Stokoe

David has an extensive history managing ICT eCommerce systems. He has extensive experience managing digital eBusiness platforms turning over in excess of $200 million annually. He is a qualified program manager and has diverse strategic planning experience delivering operational benefits. 


Shaun Kimber

Shaun is our Senior Security Device Specialist and Lead SOA Integration Developer. He has comprehensive experience with MuleSoft, Pega and Datapower products to go with his certifications. He aims to grow the DevOps community and API driven products.

Sean Gould

Sean has over 10 years in Australian Federal Government working on application development and delivery. His focus is on people and developing high performing teams, empowering them to deliver outcomes for their customers. A qualified Agile Coach he strives to build the Agile and DevOps community.

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