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Aftermath of LAST Conference Canberra - Agile and DevOps

Two weeks ago (at the time of writing) we had the pleasure to help out and present at the LAST Conference in Canberra. It was a great day full of interesting speeches and workshops. I would like to thank the nearly one hundred people for coming out and being willing participants at the conference. Without you, this day wouldn’t have been as successful.

A special thank you goes to the organises of the event. Ed, John, Matt, Mia and Irene did a fantastic job setting it all up and running the day. The University of Canberra convention centre was an awesome location, food was lovely and the drinks afterward a great social event. Thank you for letting me be involved and helping out where I could.

Our talk was on Agile and DevOps. We wanted to focus on what the two are, how the two extend each other and the practices of DevOps. This was more of a technical talk, explaining the practices of continuous integration, continuous delivery and how these practices would benefit an agile team. I used the Census (sorry ABS) as an example to frame these practices as a use case for DevOps culture and technology. I was surprised and really happy to see the great engagement and feedback from the audience. Many people asked good questions and showed they really got something out of the talk which for me was really satisfying knowing how much effort and work had gone into preparing it. I also enjoyed giving out business cards and water bottles for free.

Only the marketing material, the banners and water bottles were a great success. The water bottles disappeared faster than I could put them out. The banners were easy to set up and a better quality than I expected! Very pleased with their quick turnaround.

Big thank you to the other SKNG members, Carl and David, for coming out and helping answer some questions at the end of the presentation too.

The slides for the presentation are linked below.

What is next for SKNG?

We have some further planned updates for the website, specifically a section on DevOps with some new info-graphics in the works. Besides that, we are working on two new products hopefully to hit the market before the end of the year but for that, you will have to stay tuned.


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